“I travel a lot for work, and Doo Dudes means one less thing on my plate during the precious time I am at home. They leave me with time enjoying my yard instead of cleaning it. And when I am home, it’s nice to see them arrive. They have a professional look, with a cleanliness and demeanor, that seems more like someone coming to fix my network than clean up my yard. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to buy some of their time back.”

Todd D.
(pictured with Dresden)

“Our doodude was punctual and polite. His vehicle is well marked and he wore a professional uniform so you knew just who was at your door and in your yard. The fact that he disinfected after each pick up gave us great peace of mind. Thanks Doo Dudes!”

Jamie M.
(pictured with Sam)

“I work 45-50 hours per week. The last thing I want to do in the little spare time I have is scoop up after my 2 very large dogs. Doo Dudes is a blessing! They have given me some of my time back so I can concentrate on playing with my dogs instead of cleaning up after them. They are courteous, friendly, professional and clean. I was impressed with the measures they take to insure there is no cross contamination between dogs/yards; keeping not only my dogs healthy but all of their clients’ dogs healthy! THANKS DOO DUDES!”

Lauren D.

“I love the Doo Dudes. The fact that they exist and handle my dogs’ waste gives me one less thing to remember to do around the house. I know it may sound silly, but it’s just awesome to not worry about dog crap anymore! It’s like getting an hour of your life back once a week!”

Jason W.

“These guys are great. They are dependable, thorough, and have the best rates. They are so good I’m not even sure if my dog ever poops.”

Jerry P.

“Super professional, pleasure to deal with. Very great work!”

Dana A.